Easter with Siopa Údar

We hope all our customers are enjoying a great mid term break! We had a great Easter here in the shop, some of our staff were on a well deserved holiday from work after a busy period preparing for Easter and packing orders. We always have plenty around during the holidays to bring in some Irish at home.


We put together a display to show the products that are suitable for Easter as we had a lot of material that was suitable for this time of year. We put out lots of books about rabbits as well as plenty of games to play when the children were free from school. 


We hope you enjoyed our products and we are very grateful to all our customers as always. Your support keeps a small business like us going.



We’re excited to share with you all our new team picks we’re recording. Every time we have staff in the Rathcairn office we are catching up with them to ask them what their favorite book or game is and why! 


We hope they are insightful! 


Would you be interested in sending us a video of your favourite Siopa Údar items? Let us know, get in touch!



We were delighted to attend the Oide Conference on the weekend of March 9th, we love the opportunity to meet people who are interested in our Irish language teaching resources and to show them what we have to offer. Keep an eye out for us at events like this over the coming months or let us know if anything suitable comes up!


Best of all – our Monopoly Jr delivery arrived last week! We have been working hard creating this new game for kids. Our customers love Monopoly so much we thought it was only right to create one suitable for schools and children. It was a hard day’s work to get the boxes into the warehouse but it was worth it! We will be announcing an official launch soon!!!