Irish Language Gifts, Games and Books

Founded in the year 2006, Siopa Údar is the commerce section of Glór na nGael, and is a not-for-profit organisation. 


Glór na nGael’s headquarters are in the Ráth Chairn Gaeltacht, but we provide our services and products to speakers and learners of Irish all over the country, and indeed all over the world.


Siopa Údar’s mission is to provide high quality Irish Language products to speakers and learners of Irish.

We seek to:

  • Provide resources which allow people to live their daily lives through Irish
  • Support businesses and entrepreneurs who are making Irish language products 
  • Create employment for Irish speakers, both directly and indirectly
  • Support Irish businesses through our supply chain 
  • Earn an income to assist in the provision of Glór na nGael’s language development services

Áine Ní Éanaí
Riarthóir Oifige - Údar

Áine is from the Ráth Chairn Gaeltacht, where she currently lives. She has been working with Glór na nGael and Siopa Údar since 2019 and has a wealth of experience in the retail sector. Áine works on processing orders, sales, marketing and developing new products and she has a particular interest in products for young children.

Áinín Uí Chaiside
Bainisteoir Seirbhísí Riaracháin

Áinín is from Co. Armagh and is working with Glór na nGael since 2014. Before that she was working as a teacher and so has a particular interest in developing educational resources. Áinín deals with Siopa Údar admin and marketing as well.

Donach Ó Lonargáin
Tionscadal Veain COGG

Donach travels all across the country showcasing our wealth of Irish language resources to schools, this service funded by COGG. Donach hails from Co. Wicklow and has a great interest in photography.


  • Provision of Irish language toys and gifts
  • Provision of educational resources for children and teachers
  •  ‘Pay by invoice’ option on the website for teachers
  • Development of new educational resources
  • Development of new Irish language board games 
  • Provision of Irish language versions of famous board games such as Monopoly or Scrabble
  • Sales platform for small Irish language manufacturers
  • Discounts for groups registered with Glór na nGael
  • Promotion of the ‘Gaeltacht na hÉireann’ brand