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School Orders

We have been very busy preparing and dispatching book and game packages since the beginning of the school year, and now we have received our final order for the year 2023-2024. We would like to thank Donach who has visited 137 schools with Veain COGG and has placed more than 100 orders. Hundreds of books […]

April Blog 2023

Sa sliocht seo, tugann Eoghan Mac Cormaic léargas dúinn ar dá shaothar a scríobh sé bunaithe ar an seal a chaith sé i bpriosúin Cheis Fhada. Tá an dá leabhar, Plúid agus Macallaí Cillín ar fáil ó Siopa Údar anseo. Pluid Nuair a chuir mé peann le par agus an leabhar Pluid a scríobh ní […]

Fios Feasa foilsithe ag Glór na nGael

Fios Feasa is a game for up to four players or teams. The objective of the game is to collect, by correctly answering questions, a full set of four segments representing counties, plus one disk representing the provinces of Ireland. There are over 1,000 questions, covering many aspects of life including personalities, sport, history and […]

Road Bingo – coming soon

Biongó Bóthair (Car Bingo) is here for children to find and tick off what they see, keeping them busy as you drive through city and country. From trampolines to tractors, from Gardaí to garden sheds, there are 48 items to look out for, 12 on each sheet, 6 cards for town trips and 6 more […]