Teasáras Gaeilge-Béarla


Garry Bannister’s Teasáras Gaeilge-Béarla |Irish-English Thesaurus is the stunning culmination of a life’s work. At nearly 700,000 words, this is a reference book like no other in the world, a meticulously researched chronicle of the Irish language which captures the beauty, agility, depth and history of our native tongue. Entries include but are not limited to translations, synonyms, usages, phrases and proverbs. Each entry offers surprises and new understandings of our ancient and extraordinary language. There are also useful lexically associated listings, a complete grammar guide and an introduction on how to use the book. Teasáras Gaeilge-Béarla |Irish-English Thesaurus is a hugely significant addition to the corpus of Irish-language reference texts, an indispensable reference for the Irish-language user and learner. And it is a cultural event in the history of our engagement with the language. For lovers of Garry’s previous work, Manchán Magan, and other popular Irish-language caretakers and influencers.

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